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 Jarred Kaiser is a design/build workshop that creates unique furniture in the craft studio style. There is no mass production. Every piece is built by hand, one at a time. We look to the past to see what great craftsman created. We analyze what worked and what didn't, what has stood the test of time both aesthetically and structurally. Then we incorporate only what has proven itself. Our work shows our ability to not just copy traditional methods, but to understand why it was done that way. Then we look for new advances in materials and techniques that may enhance a products quality. 
     In our quest to design beautiful pieces, we never compromise on functionality, or comfort. We will never create a seating design that isn't just as enjoyable to sit in as it is to look at. 
     You will notice we don't have an extensive roster of designs. Our intent is not on producing pieces  to fill out a line, or try to cater to a larger customer base. We labor over each piece, and see them as a mirror reflecting back what we have achieved. Only the best we can offer is put into production. There are no weak links allowed. Designing furniture that people will love, and that will make a real statement in a room, that is what we deliver to our clients.

"My approach to furniture making is both from a craftsman's perspective as well as a designer's.”